summer haze

the ultimate getaway

-yucatan & Tulum, mexico-


Team up with me as I explore the beautiful landscapes and tropical waters around Yucatan & Tulum, Mexico to create a gorgeous one of a kind look book/capsule collection for the S/S 2019 Season! I will be traveling with a model on this three day journey that takes us through the vast landscapes throughout these two amazing destinations and other amazing spots in between. Not only will we be capturing beautiful tropical vibes but we will also be getting a private tour to get up close and personal with over 40,000 flamingos that migrate there every year! Think of a gorgeous model with the vibrant pink feathers all around her and even having other exotic birds resting on her shoulders as she opens up a fresh coconut on the beach. Providing you with the most diverse and gorgeous look book for your next perfect collection. We will be shooting the entire trip on film & digital formats to help create very natural, in the moment photos for you to use for web and social media publicity. Think of photos that have less of a posed vibe to them and more of a candid/story behind each photograph! Something very relatable and timeless feeling. 

I am looking to capture what a luxurious weekend getaway looks like in the perfect place that best represents true relaxation and paradise. Something that looks completely out of this world and stuns viewers with each amazing piece of content we capture. From beachfront swimming pool lounges to flamingo filled jungles, this trip will cover it all. We will be providing you with an extensive library of images and a unique 8mm film video for your next amazing collection/story for everyone to experience!


Giving you the perfect

media package



High quality images

Why settle for bottom of the barrel images when you are paying for top dollar content?

I see a lot of creatives these days who are charging insane amounts of money but are giving you the company barely anything in return. At the end of the day you are only receiving roughly between 5-25 images in which maybe only a few are acceptable to your standards to use for web or social media purposes. Why is that fair to you? To spend all that money and time for a big production to only receive a small portion of content. It is time to get you the quality you deserve and receive your full investments worth!

package Deliverables


• You will receive anywhere from 50-75 images that you will have ownership for an entire year to post over social media as well as web and online marketing use. These images include Digital Photos as well as Film, and Polaroids for a mixture of media to use for various purposes.

• Capturing models in a very natural/lifestyle way to really pull you in and help create engagement with each photograph as if you were there yourself! Guiding the viewer to feel fully immersed and connected in the story is key. Images will consist of full body shots, close up details, portraits, landscape photos, everyday moments, and more to really capture a full story.


• On top of the photos you will be receiving I will also be shooting on a Super 8mm film camera that creates very beautiful vintage looking video footage for you to use on your website or for separate short clips to post on social media! I will provide you with one full length edit and various short 10-15 second clips to use for social media to give you a bunch of variety.

marketing & exposure

• I will be posting photos myself on my personal Instagram account and will be creating a blog/story to showcase on my website for people to view the full story. The model I work with will also be sharing photos on her various accounts for the most amount of exposure.


• You will be able to choose from 8 - 10 pieces/styles for us to take on our journey and we will style them to match the different areas we explore. Creating a very monochromatic and visual pleasing palette of colors to work with perfect for S/S 2019.





inspiration & Examples

a collection of some of the locations/shots we will be capturing

Photo & Video Examples



a selection of models for you to choose from


Zoi Mantzakanis

Portfolio - Click Here

IG: @zoiageliki


Josie Canseco

Portfolio - Click Here

IG: @josiecanseco


Tiffany Meia

Portfolio - Click Here

IG: @babymeia


Beate Muska

Portfolio - Click Here

IG: @beatemuska



Portfolio - Click Here

IG: @lilahsummer


Nathalie Sinkvist

Portfolio - Click Here

IG: @nathaliesinkvist


Becca Hiller

Portfolio - Click Here

IG: @beccahiller


Mariya Melnyk

Portfolio - Click Here

IG: @mariyamelnyk


Ma Zizhan

Portfolio - Click Here

IG: @zizhanma0829


Hannah Kleit

Portfolio - Click Here

IG: @hannahkleit





Once the project reaches final agreement, the process will begin
after the project contract is signed, returned, and a 50% deposit is received.

For further questions or comments, feel free to email me or call me at 760.401.4751